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One that has a positive vibe, respects your privacy, and allows you to share in our earnings as we grow

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We believe that entrepreneurship and small business ownership make the world a better place. OpenA was created to empower individuals through entrepreneurship, and thus revitalize local communities across the country.

To achieve this we use the foundation of a supportive online community, an e-commerce marketplace, and an underlying business model that redistributes a significant portion of revenue generated back to members of our community.

Which type of earning opportunity inspires you?


If promoting and leading others is your "true north" then you may want to check out the opportunity to become an Independent Ambassador with OpenA.com.

As an Independent Ambassador, you're able to share in our earnings as we grow.

OpenA is designed from the ground up to redistribute a significant portion of our earnings back to members that have helped our company grow.

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It seems counterintuitive, but if you would like to spend your time each day helping other people and not focused on selling, becoming a Professional Seller with OpenA might be the right fit to you.

Professional Sellers help people in their local community sell their items online. Every time one of those items sell, you, as the Professional Seller, make a percentage of the sale price. As a Professional Seller, your focus is on helping people get the most for the items they want to sell. As such, your time is spent helping people get their items properly listed online, and you let our marketplace do the selling for you.

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It sounds obvious, but… There's no such thing as a social network without people.

That's why social networks are not "one big thing" like they have been portrayed for years – they are millions of individual people relating to one another every day.

Open A is built around you, the individual – from the features of our social network to our profit structure

How OpenA is different from other social networks

With OpenA you can feel safe that your personal information is not being sold to the highest bidder. Because we make our money from our software and e-commerce marketplace, it allows us to provide a pure social network experience… one where our actions are not driven by the advertising industry.
The experience matters... Would you rather pay something in advance and then receive a promised value, or would you rather receive value first and then pay only when the product actually works? We strive to promote connection, caring, and trust in all we do, and we believe that leading with value is a good place to start. As you learn more about OpenA you will find that this approach permeates our culture and is foundational to the platform we are creating.
We make money each time an item is sold in our marketplace, and each time someone buys our software to become a Professional Seller. OpenA is designed to redistribute a substantial portion of that revenue back to the members of our community. Through our patented network conversion software, we track each member’s contribution to our network and reward you for the value your network has contributed.

Implementing these core values allow us to offer you a fresh social networking experience…

  • One that is free of ads and free to use
  • One where your news feed is not manipulated
  • One where you are in control of the content you see
  • One where your value as a member is recognized and honored

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Have too much stuff lying around the house?

Would you like to convert that clutter into cash?

We Can Help!

OpenA is designed to provide a new type of online marketplace experience... One that blends technology and personal service to help you to get the most from the items you want to sell.

Want to sell your own items?

Listing your items for sale couldn't be easier with OpenA. Simply create an account, open a store, and list all the items you have to sell. There are never any listing fees and there are no limits to the number of items you can sell.

With OpenA your listings never expire!* This allows you to do the work of listing your item once... there's no need to continually relist your items in order to make sure they are displayed when a potential buyer is looking.

Want a Professional Seller to sell your items for you?

Sometimes, finding the time and energy to list your own items for sale is the biggest obstacle. OpenA helps you connect with Professional Sellers that will provide personal service and do all the work for you.

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*While your listing will not expire, we may periodically check with you to make sure that the item is still for sale.
In the event you do not respond, we may deactivate your listing to ensure a pleasant user experience.