Earn Income by helping our site grow!

Help build a community of people who want to do more with what they have


As a brand ambassador with OpenA you’ll...

  • Earn from the growth
    of your network

  • Develop Residual Income

  • Enjoy What You Do

Why OpenA might be the right fit for you!

At OpenA we believe in the power of connections to help items find a new home and make our world a better place. We also believe in people, like you, who make those connections happen.

Independent Brand Ambassadors at OpenA never sell anything to friends and family, don't host meetings or parties, and never have to buy products. Our Ambassadors simply invite people to our platform and receive a percentage of every sale.

Open A door for yourself and your community


Here's how it works...

  • Invite

    Introduce like-minded people to OpenA. Our algorithm tracks who you have invited to the network so that your network grows automatically.

  • Promote

    Promote our Marketplace and Professional Seller software to people on and off of the OpenA platform..

  • Get Paid

    When items in your network sell, or when people become Professional Sellers, you receive a percentage of the fees OpenA collects… every time!

Open A door to do good for the world, others and you​

How is OpenA different?

At OpenA we understand bringing in income while helping others is important to you. When looking at your options you might struggle to find an opportunity to believe in. Perhaps you've tried home based businesses or network marketing programs before and didn’t like the pressure to sell to your friends and family. Maybe you felt taken advantage of and manipulated by the system, or maybe sales just never felt quite right for you.

We believe it shouldn’t be so challenging to earn an income working with a company you care about, and pursuing a mission you believe in. That’s why we created the OpenA platform; to connect people who need help selling their items with Professional Sellers that can help. As an Independent Ambassador, your goal is to spread the word about the OpenA platform and its opportunity to your network. As Professional Sellers join, and as members list items for sale, you get paid a portion of the sales, every time!

All you have to do is spread the word! You never need to purchase items, or sell items to your friends and family. The OpenA platform gives you an opportunity to develop a residual income while building a community of people who want to do more with what they have!

Open A window of possibility to a lifestyle that makes a difference