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for people instead of to people

Open A door to a community of buyers and sellers who are making the most of what we have

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As a Professional Seller with OpenA you’ll...

  • Earn Extra Income

  • Give Items a Second Chance

  • Enjoy What You Do

Be a Hero

For your family

Be there for your family when it counts. Becoming a Professional Seller allows you to work when and where you want. You set your own schedule and determine your own income.

For your community

Be the person that people look to when they need help getting the most from what they have. As a Professional Seller you earn when you help others sell their stuff! Stand tall and be proud of the help you provide. You are making the world a better place!

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How it works


Becoming a Professional Seller with OpenA is easy. Simply purchase our Professional Seller software suite, and take advantage of our self-paced training materials. You will be up and running in no time!


Connecting with people that need your help is simple with OpenA. We provide professional marketing materials for you to use in your local market, and we provide multiple channels within our social network to connect to folks that need help selling their stuff.


When items you've listed sell, you get paid! As an independent business owner you set your own commissions with each client. OpenA makes it easy to take control of your profits while helping you manage all of the little things necessary for your success.

Open A door to do good for the world, others and you.‚Äč


As an OpenA Professional Seller, you get...

  • Comprehensive Platform

    The OpenA platform helps you list, optimize, manage, sell, collect payments and ship items.

  • Training and Guidance

    Our online training teaches best practices for reselling and connects you with other sellers

  • Social Community

    Connect with buyers, sellers and owners to share life and help items find new homes

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How is OpenA different?

At OpenA we understand that bringing in some extra income while helping others is important to you. Perhaps you're struggling to find work from home options that you can believe in, perhaps you aren't able to commit to a set schedule outside the home, or maybe you would like to connect with like minded people, but don't want to become an annoyance to your friends and family.

We believe that it shouldn't be such a challenge to earn extra income while doing something you care about. That's why we created the OpenA platform, to support connections between owners of items and sellers like you. As a Professional Seller, you’ll use our comprehensive platform to help sell items for people you care about instead of selling stuff to people you care about. We guide and support you each step of the way with training, community, secure and reliable software, and a never ending passion to make the world a better place by promoting a culture of service in everything we do.

You never have to purchase items or store items for others, and you will earn a commission off of each sale you help facilitate. The OpenA platform gives items a second chance and works 24/7 to put your items in front of interested buyers, allowing you to spend your time focused on helping others.

Open A window of possibility to a lifestyle that makes a difference.

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