A Letter from our Founder:

Corporate America has been growing at an unprecedented rate, which is great as a driver of wealth and the general economy. The issue, though, is the gap in opportunity this trend has created. Throughout America, there are forgotten communities, left behind in this surge of potential. A divide has been created and is growing, leaving folks in isolated communities without the financial opportunity that exists in more affluent parts of the country. Until now...

Open A is a platform designed to facilitate entrepreneurship in communities that have missed out on America's recent financial boom. We provide the ability for small businesses and individuals to tap into the larger economic potential of the e-commerce industry. By doing this we empower small communities by allowing them to bring non-local income back into their local economies.

To deliver on this goal we provide

1) A supportive online community where your privacy is respected and protected

2) A robust e-commerce marketplace that is safe, easy, and free to use

3) Tools and support to build your own business in the e-commerce space

4) The ability to share in the earnings of the company as we grow

We believe in bettering local communities by empowering individuals to take control of their own financial future. Through an emphasis on individual entrepreneurial pursuit and community empowerment, we will provide a path for once forgotten and isolated communities to participate in the larger economic landscape.

We are Open A, and we are forging equal opportunity for all.

Kevin Saffer

Founder/CEO OpenA.com